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Directorate General of Valuation Central Board of Excise & Customs Government of India


21 450/114/2000 Cus IV Cir No.90/2000 07/11/2000 Inspection fees Recovery of dues/fees levied under the Destructive Insects and Pests Act,1914.
22 446/18/94 Cus IV Cir.No.56/95 Cus 11/04/2018 Import by Courier – Assessment and clearance under Courier Imports (Clearance) Regulation,1995
23 437/18/98-Cus IV Cir.No.02/99 – Cus 25/01/1999 Jurisdiction of the officers of Directorate of Valuation.
24 437/8/95 –Cus IV Cir.No.7/97 Cus 31/03/1997 Valuation (Customs) Adjudication of cases.
25 493/124/86-Cus, VI 19/11/1987 Valuation of Second-hand machinery and fixing up scale of depreciation.
26 467/94/2001-Cus.V 26/09/2001 NATIONAL IMPORT DATA BASE PROJECT
27 387/64/99-JCCircular No. 764/80/2003-CX3 04/12/2003 Inclusion of Ship Demurrage (Ship Detention charges) in the assessable value of imported goods.
28 450/30/2003-Cus-IVCircular No. 109/2003- CUS 19/12/2003 Self-assessment scheme for accelerated clearance of import/export cargo.
29 467/09/2001-Cus.VCircular No.91/2003-CUS 14/10/2003 Rule 10A in the Customs Valuation Rules, 1988 – reg.
30 438/38/2000-Cus.IVCircular No.84/2003-Cus. 24/09/2003 Marble Imports-valuation-Finalisation of Provisional Assessments-reg.