Directorate General of Valuation Central Board of Excise & Customs Government of India

F. No. VAL/NIDB/25/2004

New software for NIDB retrieval (NIDB Q C)

F.No. VAL/NIDB/25/2004 Mumbai, 30thDecember 2004.


Commissioner of Customs (All)

Commissioner of Customs Central Excise (All)


Sub: New software for NIDB retrieval (NIDB Q C) reg.


As you are aware, the NIDB is now available on the Directorates website ( for access on a password protected basis. The data is updated every week. The weekly updates are also made available on the website in a downloadable format for updating the NIDB in Access format provided earlier by us on a CD. These facilities enable even remote customs stations to access the full database instantly.

  1. The Directorate has been monitoring the access to the database on the website for the past few months. We have also received feedback from many users. It is understood that the slow speed of data retrieval” and poor internet connectivity” are two major factors of concern to customs stations in accessing the database on a regular basis through internet.
  1. In this regard, kind attention is invited to my earlier letters F.No.Val/217/2001 Pt.III, dated 6thFebruary 2004. Along with this letter CD containing NIDB data upto 10thJanuary 2004 in a LAN Centric Software (NIDB C) was sent to you for installation at ICENET customs stations using the LAN environment. The data contained in the Software NIDB C was required to be updated every week by adding the weekly dispatches of analyzed data sent by this Directorate. However it has come to our notice, that most Custom Houses have unfortunately not updated the database. Instead, there is a trend to go for the easier option of accessing the database placed on our website. This has resulted in a heavy load on the DOV website, reducing its access speed and causing inconvenience to all.
  1. Commissioners in charge of ICENET stations are therefore requested to take urgent measures to update the local NIDB and provide it to the officers on the LAN. In order to facilitate the process we have prepared another CD containing data from 31.5.2004 to 19.12.2004. You may install this software and ensure that weekly despatches of DVF/DVFLR files via ICENET are used to keep it updated. You may also download the missing files from the dov website. This will result in lesser pressure on the website as well as better accessibility of NIDB data in your Commissionerate.
  1. The Directorate is also exploring the possibility of providing the NIDB and other information contained on its website in on INTRANET environment by making use of the ICENET. As an experimental measure, the NIDB data is now being made available from the server at ICD Patpargang. The NIDB nodal officers under your charge may be asked to contact the Addl. Commissioner of Patpargang ICD for getting the necessary user name and password for accessing the database. We would also appreciate receiving your comments on the effectiveness of ICENET for accessing NIDB.




Encl.:- Two CDs namely C1 (containing software) and

C2 (containing zipped database).

Copy to :

  1. Member (Customs), CBIC, New Delhi.
  2. All Chief Commissioners of Customs / Central Excise.
  3. Director General (Systems), New Delhi.
  4. Director General, Revenue Intelligence, New Delhi.
  5. Zonal Units, Directorate General of Valuation.



Thursday, December 30, 2004