Directorate General of Valuation Central Board of Excise & Customs Government of India


The SVB Central Registry Database (CRD) system can be accessed by logging on to our website by authorized personnel only.

There are three levels of access depending on the type of rights to the users namely:

  • Ordinary User
  • SVB Supervisor
  • DOV Administrator

For ordinary users, username /password assigned to nodal NIDB officer can be used for accessing the database (CRD). The ordinary user can only view the data and cannot carry out any modification to the data.

SVB Supervisor logins will be allotted to each SVB unit by DOV. However, for registration as supervisor, it would be mandatory for each SVB to provide an email address to DOV. This email address would be needed for posting of fresh cases / for modification of existing cases by the SVBs on the website database directly. SVB supervisor can query the database (CRD), modify existing cases and register a new case.

Query is possible on the following:

  • Retrieve the particulars of SVB registrations by entering the details in the boxes provided.
  • Data can be retrieved by entering details in one field or a combination of more than one field.
  • It is also possible to enter a part of the description to retrieve the desired results. For example, if the name of the importer in the database is "M/s Sony India Pvt. Ltd.", then even by entering "Sony" in the importer field, the desired result can be obtained.
  • Inputs are not case sensitive (capital or small letters give the same result).

The result of a query will be displayed in a tabular form

For the SVB supervisor the Central Registration Number of the DOV in the query result table will appear as a button, which can be clicked to modify that record. SVB supervisor will have rights to modify only records of his own SVB unit.

For addition of new records (new registrations), the SVB Supervisor will have to click the tab " Register New Case".

All additions/ modifications will be verified by a system generated return mail system which will work as below:

  • A system-generated email will automatically be generated and mailed to the email address of the SVB Supervisor who is requesting for the addition/modification. The request will be stored in a temporary database at this stage.
  • The mail will have a hyperlink, which can be clicked by the SVB Supervisor for generating a return mail confirming the transmission to DOV Mumbai.
  • When the DOV Administrator receives the return confirmatory email, the record which was posted for addition / modification will automatically be added/ modified to the Central Registry Database (CRD).

All New cases being added to the Central Registry Database (CRD) will be allotted a DOV Central Registration number by the system. The DOV registration number assigned to a new case shall be communicated by email to SVB Supervisor. This number should be noted by the SVB Supervisor and used in all further modifications and correspondence.