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Launch of Export Commodities Database...

Launch of Export Commodities Database containing analysed data – reg

F.NO. Val/Tech/76/2004

Mumbai, 2nd June,2005


Chief Commissioner of Customs (All),

Chief Commissioners of Customs and Central Excise (All)

Sub : Launching of Export Commodities Database containing analysed data – reg.


Kindly refer to my earlier letter F.NO. dated 23rd November, 2004 intimating the development of Export Commodity Database (ECDB) by this Directorate. A primary version of ECDB was launched at the Directorate Website ( in November 2004. This was based on the export data compiled from the EDI stations and was presented without analysis as the software for analysis of export data was being developed by National Center for Advanced Computing (CDAC).

The development of software for analyzing the export data is now in the final stages and the trial runs have been completed. It is proposed to launch this version of ECDB containing analysed export data shortly. The raw export data received from filed formations via ICENET will be analysed on a weekly basis, using the newly developed software. The resultant analysed data will then be sent to all field formations linked by ICENET.

It is proposed to initially transmit the analysed data for three months followed by transmission of weekly analysed files. These will be in both Access format and in Oracle. The Customs Stations can choose the format depending on the type of INTRANET server and software used. The data size for three months is about 3GB.. The weekly files that follow will be about 200 MB each. Therefore, Customs stations using INTRANET server for distributing the data should have sufficient server capacity to accommodate the above data.

For Customs stations, which are not liked to ICENET, arrangements are being made to send CDs containing three months data. The CDs will also incorporate instructions for loading the data and operation manual for its use. These stations may use PCs with sufficient capacity and configuration to upload the data. The weekly dispatches of ECDB will be posted on the DOV website for downloading so that these stations could update the local database.

The entire ECDB is also being made available on the DOV website for access by officers on a password protected basis.

The actual data of launch of the new version of ECDB will be notified by email to all Customs stations. Meanwhile, you are requested to make arrangements for necessary equipment and software to receive and store the ECDB proposed to be launched shortly. You may also arrange to distribute the data available to the assessing officers for use in their day to day assessment of exports through Customs stations under your jurisdiction.

Yours faithfully,

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Monday, August 1, 2005