Directorate General of Valuation Central Board of Excise & Customs Government of India


1 F.No. 605/3/2005-DBK 02/08/2005 Seizure of goods entered for exportation on account of misdeclaration of quantity, value etc. - provisional release instructions
2 F. No. VAL/NIDB/25/2004 30/12/2004 New Software for NIDB retrieva (NIDB - Q & C)
3 M.F.(D.R.)Circular No. 29/2004- CUS 13/04/2004 Customs Valuation Rules, 1988-Inclusion of barging/lighterage charges in the assessable value-Regardings.
4 F. No. VAL/TECH/76/2004 23/11/2004 Launching of Export Commodity Database
5 11013/34/96-Ad IV / Pt. II 02/06/1997 Creation of Directorate of Valuation (Customs & Central Excise) at Mumbai – Reg.
6 605/96 DBK Cir.No.23/96 Cus 19/04/1996 Valuation VBAL scheme – Over Valuation of import items in the application for Advance license.
7 528/42/95 –Cus (TU) Cir.No.55/95 30/05/1995 Import in CKD/SKD condition – Assessment.
8 494/12A/2000 Cus VI Cir.No.96/2002 27/12/2002 Cargo Bulk liquid cargo Assessment to be done on basis of shore tank receipt.
9 467/114/97 Cus V Cir. No.13/98 Cus 09/03/1998 Customs Valuation (Determination of price of imported goods) Rules 1988 Introduction of New Rules 10A.
10 467/72/2001 Cus V Cir.No.27/2002 21/05/2002 Valuation Checking Cell – Creation of, in each Customs House to check under-valuation of sensitive commodities.